Commercial - Warfield at Historic Sykesville


Whether you want the flexibility afforded by new construction to suit your needs or you desire a space that offers the unique feel offered by a historic building, Warfield has something for you and your business.

The current approved PEC Preliminary Plan shows six office buildings containing a total of 103,000 SF of new construction in Parcels C & H. See Option #1 below. In addition, the plan assumes that all 12 of the historic buildings located in Parcel D, which contain a total of 183,000 SF, are rehabilitated and repurposed into office.
In reality, any or all of the new construction and historic buildings at Warfield could accommodate a range of commercial uses including, but not limited to, office, light industrial, institutional, senior care, and hospitality uses. For example, Option #2, which illustrates a variation on Option #1 showing a mixture of offices and a hotel.
For more information about allowed uses at Warfield, see the links below:
Town of Sykesville Zoning Code

Zoning Code Amendment establishing Planned Employment Center (PEC) District


Parcel C : 6.925 acres (sub-dividable)

Parcel H : 1.792 acres

Total C&H : 8.417 acres

Parcel D : 17.750 acres

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