About the Property - Warfield at Historic Sykesville


Located in the heart of Carroll County’s Piedmont region, Warfield at Historic Sykesville is a mixed-use project that is zoned for up to 600,000 square feet of office, light industrial and retail space, approximately 181 residential units, a full-service hotel, and a 27-acre town park.

The property is located on MD Route 32 in the Sykesville town limits and, in addition to substantial acreage for new construction, includes twelve separate buildings on a 17-acre parcel constructed in the early twentieth century and utilized by Springfield Hospital Center until the early 2000s. The buildings carry historical designations from the National Park Service and Maryland Historical Trust and comprise about 185,000 square feet of the total 600,000 square feet of potential non-residential density. The existing buildings are eligible for federal and state historic tax credits because of these historic designations.

Three of the historic buildings have already been restored and are occupied by Nexion Health, Zeteo Tech, and Alderson Loop. The remaining nine buildings will be rehabilitated and repurposed in a variety of ways as future users are identified. The buildings or portions thereof will be offered for lease or purchase depending on the needs of individual users.

Warfield at Historic Sykesville is located approximately four miles north of Interstate 70 with a daily average of almost 25,000 cars passing the location. Many commuters and professionals in the area work at or near Ft. Meade, the state’s largest employer, which is located about 30 miles away on MD Route 32.

The site is ten miles from Interstate 795, fifteen miles from Westminster, twenty miles from Columbia and thirty miles from Baltimore. Nearly 17,000 households reside within a five-mile radius of the site, with an average household income exceeding $100,000.